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Kud Wee B Yuh Servant ?
    Herbal Cabinet Plus is a family owned business founded out of the colon cancer challenge of Roseanne Williams, wife of the CEO, Anthony Williams. The need to provide Roseanne with the best medical & herbal care resulted in the pursuit of herbal excellence.  Roseanne survived the class D  cancer threat by the Lords grace. She underwent chemotherapy, radiation treatment and suffered terribly. This motivated the entire family to search libraries, internet, health stores for the best and most up to date methods of preventative programs and procedures against all illnesses.

       We supplemented her conventional medical treatment with food, vitamins and herbs. The Lord was most merciful. The Williamsí family learned THE HUMAN BODY HEALS ITSELF WHEN GIVEN PROPER NUTRIENTS


To provide Trinidad & Tobago with the best nutritionals and alternative medical services available. Programs offered to the general public are such that were researched extensively and believed to be the best available in each chosen discipline.

We set the highest standards for ourselves