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Enhance your life with: "water from the heavens"
Rains Life Alkaline Water

The human body is 75% water. Herbal Cabinet Plus offers the best natural alkaline water on the planet. Using water provided by" Rains" as stock, the company produces water ‘From the Heavens’, the way the good Lord intended. This water is uniquely refreshing with all the qualities of pure hexagonal, light clustered water. Rains Life Alkaline Waters should be the foundation to achieve an “Alkaline Lifestyle.” Best health is achieved by drinking this ionized water (ph 9.5). We highly recommend that you change from all other waters to our brand to get back your Life. Regular use of Rains Life Waters alkalizes the blood, and restores the ph Balance in the body.

What is in Rain’s Life water? Everything! Great health, Vigour, Vitality, Energy, Wellness, Restfulness, Good sex …… Everyever. The goal to achieve an alkaline blood and hence an immune boosting, disease resistant metabolism, is in this water. Acid water (reverse osmosis) does not produce an alkaline blood. Alkaline water does. Water is essential to life. It is the substance of life . The human body is approximately 75% water. Great health begins with this precious commodity . It is the most essential element needed by the body. It is the universal solvent, the body’s lubricant and plays a role in all bodily functions. We could never be enjoying optimum health if we are not saturated and hydrated. Every organ in our metabolism needs the help of water to function properly. Remember we are mostly water.

    Our good Lord has provided many natural sources for water, rivers, streams, wells, lakes etc. But the main source of this commodity is rain. Many would argue the benefits of these natural source waterways. However Herbal Cabinet Plus believes there is nothing as beneficial to human wellness as Alkalized Mineral Ionizered Water produced from rain. It is the healthiest, lightest most delicious water available and magnifies the properties of normal alkaline water. Best hydration is achieved with this ionized alkaline water, and water is the body first line of defense against disease.
In the country district of Trinidad & Tobago the pH of rain is 7.2. The area is free from the characteristics of acid-rain. Rain is refreshing and light. One could easily drink two (2) glasses of it, while struggling to consume one glass of tap water. Rain water is an extremely hydrating liquid. It is what the Lord provided. Whenever anyone asks what kind of water that we uses. The answer is simple. What the Lord has provided, natural rain, which ends the debate for us, over which water is best to drink.

       We will not join the  expanding debate of all types/kinds of drinking waters. But we do champion the case of the Rain’s  Life  Alkaline Mineral Water. Water is processed using Life Ionizers LC-11D electrolysis generator. This  superior process produces premium alkaline water from the leader in the Water Ionizers industry. www.lifeIonizer.com/HerbalCabinetPlus.
The properties of Rain’s Life Alkaline Water (pH 9.5) are as follows.
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